"Of the nearly 25,000 runaways reported to NCMEC in 2017, one in seven were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 88 percent (%) were in the care of social services when they went missing.​"

Thank you for your commitment to your children.  They are worth it.  It is up to you to speak up for adequate council.  If you feel that you do not have adequate council, be sure to ask for new council or to represent your self Pro Se.

WE are parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and, most importantly, members of a family.
We are the Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families and we invite you to join the discussion.  We are assembling by region to approach lawmakers and politicians for the purpose of law reform to protect children and families.
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This is a Citizens' National AMBER ALERT​

The lives, health, and well-being of our children are in clear and present danger as long as the Department of Child and Family Services has the power to remove them from our care without cause.  As public service employees in all sectors of government continue to fail to uphold the law or protect those they were selected to serve, the future of our children hangs in the balance…

We The People… mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins are being erased and our children are becoming scared, traumatized, mentally ill, raped, incarcerated, drugged, marginalized, violated, homeless, and killed, every day while in the legal custody of employees of the Department of Children and Family Services, CPS. Local, state, and federal officers and departments across America are aiding in the destruction of families, based on very little to no reason and discriminatory discretion.  And the horror does not stop there.

Children are often taken out of their parents’ home and placed with strangers in strange towns that they do not have any familiarity with.  This causes many of our children to act out and become emotionally traumatized.  They are often taken to see all kinds of doctors and given assessments and shots which are harmful to them.  They do not get to hold their parent’s hand when these shots are administered and the side effects of many of the shots administered are worse than the illness that they are meant to protect them from.

Therapist, counselors, and social workers try to keep our children from becoming unruly at the inhumane treatment they receive, by giving them diagnosis and treatment with drugs.  Many of these drugs have been discovered to cause severe depression, obesity, suicidal tendencies, and other mental and physical health complications which eventually lead to an early death.

Our babies are detained from as early as birth and placed in homes with people who are not equipped to care for them properly, leading to accidental deaths by chocking, SIDS, or other means.  Social workers, foster homes, and caretakers are not given background checks and are not well regulated.  Many of the employees hired do not even have adequate qualifications to perform the job they are payed for.

Contact with these children’s biological parents is very limited and controlled and when our children ask to come home, we are unable to let them due to the department’s discretion and blanket jurisdiction.  While parents are court mandated into a series of programs, classes, and groups, which are taught by uneducated and underqualified/unqualified employees, our children are kept apart and are quite often moved from multiple foster homes due to the caretaker’s inability to handle them. 

Brothers and sister are separated from each other and contact can be severed if the parent does not comply and the dependency case is closed.  This leads many children to run away, steal, and exhibit other criminal activity and, when caught, they are placed in juvenile detention or back into a stricter foster home.  When children go missing, the biological parent is rarely informed and has no ability to help in their relocation.

Nearly 50% of our children processed through foster care and adoptive homes end up homeless after they turn 18 years old.  Left to wander in the streets, with little knowledge of where to find help or their biological parents, many of these children face a hopeless future.

Child Trends, an advocacy organization in Washington, D.C., states that “there is evidence that children in foster care experience more developmental problems and are more prone to engage in high-risk sexual behaviors. The Urban Institute, meanwhile, found that 28 percent of children living with foster parents and relatives had limiting physical, learning, or mental health conditions.” 

PBS KQED Frontline Child Welfare System FAQ.  "Children who once thrived in a school environment, find themselves unable or unwilling to maintain interest in school education after being separated from those they are familiar with."

“According to a 2002 report from the Urban Institute, states spent at least $20 billion on child welfare services for fiscal year 2000. Federal funds accounted for $9.9 billion, states contributed $7.9 billion, and local funds totaled $2.2 billion. Of the $20 billion, 45 percent -- $9.1 billion -- was spent on out-of-home placements, including room and board and support services such as mental health counseling. Funds for adoptions, meanwhile, accounted for 9.5 percent, or $1.9 billion.” And it has only gotten worse.

With almost half of our tax dollars allotted for Family Welfare Services; programs to intervene and help keep the family together, is really being spent to break them up and show a need for more removal services.  This creates an environment where people grow up to no longer believe in ‘Family Values’.  Our children’s and our human rights are being violated by people who have been hired as public servants every day.

Although there have been multiple studies into the effects of separation from one’s parents for years proven to show our children have more mental illnesses after separation from parents and family, this inhumane treatment of our youth continues.  Senators, judges, attorney generals, and psychiatrists/psychologists are speaking out about the health risks and exploitation of our children, but it is up to us to change the laws and take our children back.

When government officials, judges, lawyers, and social workers fail to protect the youth of this country it is up to the parents and families to take back our children.  Support family values and bring our children back home.
 Jacqelyn McCroskey, a professor of social work at the University of Southern California, explains in an article featured in Family Preservation Journal in 2001, "Each locality has a great deal of discretion about the types of family-centered services it offers, and because such services are still relatively new, unproven, 
and poorly funded, local services vary greatly."

Even with a lack of approved and adequate services, CPS intervenes if the reports from teachers or other agencies and public service groups appear to contradict a supportive family environment.

Poverty is one of the key components of neglect which has caused many children to be removed.  With over 45% of government funds allotted for Family Welfare programs, in each county, being spent to remove children from their parents, we need to take a new look at some old regulations which are destroying families every day.

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  • Abolish Incentivized Adoption
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WE are parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and, most importantly, members of a family.

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