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Supporting Code and Law:  The Constitution of the United States                                             

    Penal Code Title 8, Chapter 39

Supporting Articles:   Protecting Parents and Prospective

Parents with Disabilities

Success Stories:        Family Awarded $1.1 Million After Kids Were Removed From Home

​​The Human Rights Tribunal is ready to hear cases for Human Rights violations pursuant to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

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  oF Children and Families

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The Human Rights Tribunal is seeking strong advocates

to serve as members of a GREAT JURY.  

A Great Jury has county, State, National and International

jurisdiction to hear evidence of crimes,

present the facts and findings, and issue an INDICTMENT.

That is it!

Then the Judicial Branch, the Human Rights Tribunal of the Government of The United States of America 1781 carries out the rest of the Judicial Process in accordance with its laws.

This position is not paid and there is no cost to serve on the Great Jury. Right now, there are at least 100 cases waiting to be heard.

I urge you to please accept this important role and become a member of the Great Jury. This will only

take about 2 hours once a week to join a conference call while the Prosecutor of the Human Rights

Tribunal presents the case.

TOGETHER we can stop the destruction of our children and our families. Should you have any questions

or need assistance please send an e-mail to greatjury@generalpostoffice.org.

In order for the Great Jury to have standing there are two documents, which require your signature: 'State Resident Declaration' and 'Declaration of Rights.'

Here are the steps to sign these documents:

STEP ONE – Sign the “State Resident Declaration” form.

(1)  How to: Obtain a Resident ID # and a NAC Code
On the right side about 1/3 of the page down under Resident ID# Number Generator
Hit “Generate ID#”
Your ID # will be a 12 digit number under “New Password”
[Un-check the link: Do Not Include symbols]

Copy and paste this # in the State Resident Declaration form.

(2) Above the Instructional Video:
Click “FIND YOUR NAC CODE HERE: LINK (this will open a new tab)

Add your address in the “Location” field. Hit the “Map” button.
Above the visual map you will find the INPUT NAC, copy and paste this
number in the State Resident Declaration form.

(3) Complete the State Resident Declaration form with your name, email address,
date and time. Sign your name with your mouse and enter the verification code.

Hit Send.


Should you receive an email from the secretaryofstate@theunitedstatesofamerica1781.com with “Nationality” in the subject line – please disregard as this State Resident Declaration form serves another purpose.

After you have submitted the State Resident Declaration form proceed to begin Step Two….

STEP TWO – Sign the "Declaration of Rights".

Send an Email to greatjury@generalpostoffice.org with your name and telephone number with Great Jury in the subject line and the best time to reach you.

The Registrar, Alice will then call you back to sign the Declaration of Rights.