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​​​​Parental Rights Amendment:   Secure parent rights for generations to come!

International Petitions:  Children's Aid Society, Child Protection Services

Supporting Code and Law:  The Constitution of the United States                                             

                                                                Penal Code Title 8, Chapter 39

Supporting Articles:   Protecting Parents and Prospective Parents with Disabilities

Success Stories:        Family Awarded $1.1 Million After Kids Were Removed From Home

National Legal Resources and Advocacy Groups:

​​The Human Rights Tribunal is ready to hear cases for Human Rights violations pursuant to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

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WE are parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and, most importantly, members of a family.

Each one of us has experience and knowledge to share in helping create a peaceful reality.  It is our dedication to helping and sharing these experiences that help the tradition and history of our culture and diversity needed to create the connections for a peaceful reality.


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Welcome to the Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families.

There is a clear lack of parent advocacy in Family/Juvenile child dependency cases.  This leaves many parents vulnerable to coercive tactics.

About  Us:  WE are parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and, most importantly, members of a family.  Families are important to keep us connected with our past and our heritage.

The Parent Advocate Network is a grass roots gathering of parents and families who believe in the importance of Family Values.  We are the Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families and we invite you to join the discussion.  We are assembling by region to approach lawmakers and politicians for the purpose of law reform to protect children and families.

Our Vision:  To help families remain whole and to support families that have been wrongfully separated work towards reunification.

Our mission: Our mission is to offer support, counseling, and advocacy for parents dealing with family court, DCFS/CPS, and related child custody matters.  To assist in Pro Se representation.  We are here to help and offer on-call assistance.  

We also lobby for laws to protect family values and reunification of families discriminated against by government officials.  We meet with federal, state, and local government officials and lobby for equal treatment of parents in the eyes of the law.

Our Core Values: We are dedicated to supporting parents and families with education, counseling, and non-violent solution based advocacy for children and families.

Strategic Goals:   WE are here for you.  Chat with us live!

  1.  Provide parental guidance and education enabling new  and experienced parents the ability to maintain their civil and human rights when working with private, public, and legal agencies.
  2. To offer counseling and emotional support for parents in distress.
  3. To help Identify and Enable parents to create a safe and stable environment for their families.
  4. To help parents understand their rights as well as navigating through the courts' policies and procedures.

We are here to help parents access community resources that are available to them.

  1. To help parents become good role models who provide healthy, nurturing environments for their children.
  2. Due to the exorbitant fees incurred in custody cases, a lack of adequate public counsel, and for the Love of Our Children, we offer experience based assistance through our Parent Advocacy program.  If you need para legal assistance, please let us know.
  3. To offer guidance in your self representation, 'Pro Se'.

On-call Assistance:  Be sure to click on our live chat icon to receive assistance.  We will always answer.  Just give us some time.  If you do not hear from a Parent Advocate promptly, the Coalition4Protection will send you a message as soon as possible.

Join Us:   We are still developing this site and volunteers are needed.
If you have been assisted by the Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, be sure to consider donating your time or money to assist the Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families(CPCF), so that other parents who are facing similar difficulties can continue to receive assistance.

In order for us to succeed, we need Parent Advocate Representatives in every state.  Please contact us if you would like to become an active board member.  

We rely on our Parent Advocates and donors to help us achieve our goals.  This site and our services continue to grow and change as your support increases.

Please join us in this mission to fight for the rights or parents and children across the nation and the world.  Help bring moral and ethical values back to our world.  WE are Conscientious Objectors.

Know that  you are not alone....

Lyra J.

Co-Founder of The Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families



As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.




We invite you to work with our 'parent advocates' and teachers to help students get all they can out of their growing years.

About the Founder:  Lyra Star Mist J.


We are here to help!

Our Ministry is derived from the Greek word diakoneo, meaning "to serve" in accordance with the Law of One (God).

The Law of One

We are all one

And When one is harmed, all are harmed.

and when one is Helped, all are helped.

There fore, in the name of who I am,

and I am one with all that is,

I ask that only that

​which is in the highest good of all concerned happen.

and I give thanks that this is done.

So be it and so it is.


THE  TEACHERS, Advocates, ADMINISTRATORS AND STAFF AT Earth College and the coalition for the protection of children and families ARE UNITED IN THEIR BELIEF THAT ALL CHILDREN:


  • Have the power to learn

  • Are curious & creative

  • Have the right to be with family

  • Can succeed with the help of their family and our staff

  • Have the right to wholesome parenting and family engagement

No two children have exactly the same skills or learning style and should be cherished by those

who love them. That’s why we create an individual learning plan for every child and parent. Your

plan will combine direct instruction, small-group work, and one-on-one tutoring in a way that works for you and your family.

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Advocate, please contact us with a short bio of yourself.

Parent Advocate Brian Kinter:  An interview about the illegal activities and fraudulent acts by cps of Ohio in his child custody matter of 2007.  Shortly after this interview he was given full custody of his children.  He continues to fight for justice in the child trafficking industry today.